Turkish Disability Association Poster Design Contest, 1970 (First Prize)

Bandirma Municipality Logo Contest, 1972 (Third Prize)

Turkish Sugar Factory Logo Contest, 1973 (Merit Award)

Guneysu Logo Contest, 1973 (First Prize)

Samsun Municipality Logo Contest, 1973 (First and Second Prize)

Sumerbank 40th Anniversary Poster Contest, 1973 (Third Prize)

Antalya University Foundation Logo Contest, 1974 (First Prize)

Diyarbakir (Dicle) University Logo Contest, 1974 (First Prize)

Yapi Kredi Bank Logo Contest, 1974 (Second Prize)

Mersin Municipality Logo Contest, 1975 (First Prize)

Tobank Poster Contest, 1975 (Second Prize)

The State Fine Arts Academy Logo Contest, 1976 (First Prize)

Cukurova University Logo Contest, 1976 (First Prize)

Antalya 13th International Film and Art Festival Graphic Design Contest, 1976 (First Prize)

Marmara Oil Industries Packaging Label Contest, 1976 (First Prize)

Adana Municipality Logo Contest, 1977 (Merit Award)

Istanbul Fashion and Textile Festival Logo Contest, 1977 (Merit Award)

The Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects Logo Contest, 1977 (Merit Award)

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey Logo Contest, 1977 (Merit Award)

Istas Logo Contest, 1977 (Merit Award)

Akbank 30th Anniversary Poster Design Contest, 1978 (First Prize)

Ataturk’s Reforms Stamp Design Contest, 1978 (First Prize)

Harman Cigarette Packaging Design Contest, 1979 (First Prize)

Çaykur Logo Contest, 1979 (Second Prize)

Maltepe Cigarette Packaging Design Contest, 1979 (Merit Award)

Kahramanmaras Municipality Logo Contest, 1981 (First Prize)

Ataturk’s 100th Birthday Stamp Design Contest, 1981 (First Prize)

Etibank Silver Mines Logo Contest (First Prize)

Etibank Phosphate Mines Logo Contest (First Prize)

Etibank Purchasing Establishments Logo Contest (First Prize)

Literacy Support Campaign Logo Contest, 1982 (Third Prize)

Economic Research Foundation Logo Contest, 1982 (Third Prize)

Konya Chamber of Commerce Logo Contest, 1983 (First and Third Prize)

Disbank Logo Contest, 1983 (Second Prize)

TRT (Turkish Radio-Television Broadcasting) 25th Anniversary Logo Contest, 1987 (First Prize)

700th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Ottoman State Logo Contest, 1999 (Third Prize)

T.O.B.B. (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) University of Economy and Technology Logo Contest, 2003 (Second Prize)